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“Tinta de Toro” – D.O. Toro

Toro is a wine region in Castilla y Leon, north-western Spain, known for its powerful red wines made from Tempranillo. It is named for the town of Toro, an ancient settlement located on the Duero River about 40 miles (65km) east of the Portuguese border. The Spanish word toro means ‘bull’, named after a bull structure that is well over 4,000 years old.

After the phyloxera had come to Spain in 1870, vine growing was greatly reconverted, and it is in Toro where the “Tinta de Toro” variety anchored its roots in loose well-drained sandy lands, and the multiplication of the ungrafted vineyards have been conserved to this very day. At present, Toro has its own Oenological Station in the town, offering technical services to current wine growing demands. On 26th may 1933, Toro was awarded its Designation of Origin (Issue 4 of the Gazette, June 1933).

Fun Fact:
Due to its characteristics, which made it indomitable during long voyages, the Toro wine sailed to baptize the New World – The Americas!

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