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Ciao Amore
1134 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Baby, it’s in the sauce…

This unpretentious Italian eatery in the heart of Pilsen boasts some of the best Italian sauces I’ve ever tasted on this side of the world.  As a frequent flyer (that’s for you Gus) at Ciao Amore, I’ve had some outstanding homemade Ravioli in all different shades – cheese, mushroom, pumpkin, and my new found love, lobster.  If I could only bask in the warmth and creaminess of the lobster sauce, but I settled for spooning it up.  My typical 5 hour dinner usually ends up in repeating the menu after-hours with the kitchen staff (thanks for the sauce Eric).  Great food, even better service, and just down right saucy, the chef leaves me speechless and coming back for more – Chef Cesar, I’ll never say good bye to you!

If you’re in the mood for a culinary orgasm, you’ll find it here and don’t forget to BYOB.

After Dessert Ciao AmoreMushroom Sauce - Ciao Amore

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