#1 Reason to have a glass of wine


I have 100 reasons to have a glass of wine, but the one that keeps me coming back for another is…

…it goes with everything!

Wine is like my favorite comfortable worn-out pair of Levis Jeans that make me feel like home.   Don’t get me wrong, I can easily compare my 3″ red hot Manolo heels to a seductive glass of wine.  Whatever the attire, wine is sure to follow.

From my first dates to rebound guys, wine has never failed to make my date complete.   So what if sexy stemware wasn’t available, a plastic cup also rises to the occasion.  From birthdays to funerals, I’m sure you can remember a bottle of wine lingering around.  No matter the occasion, wine goes with everything.

We can’t forget the seasons, can we?  From the sprouting of tulips to cold icicles in winter, I can always pair a glass of wine to the season.  I can recall savoring a juicy melon Albariño to cool down hot nights in Madrid.  Even the seasons give you a reason to enjoy a mouthful of grapes.

Here’s to having a plastic glass of wine in my comfy jeans with Mr. Right!


December 3rd, 2010 by